Pattern Test Dummy- Reversible Coat – Butterick 6244

Hey everyone! phew it's so good to be back! I missed you guys did you miss me? I've been off the blogging scene for a some time now. It's not that anything was "wrong" with me or that I really went anywhere I just had a lot on my mind that I needed to sort out before I could come to you correctly. So here I am posting my first post of the year. You'll soon realize that I am going to be making some exciting improvements to the content of my posts but first, I need to share with you a quick fashion sewing post.
In addition to drafting patterns from scratch I also thoroughly enjoy using paper patterns to create some of my garments. Paper patterns are carefully drafted sheets of thin tissue paper that completely map out each piece of a garment. The pattern pieces are very specific to the various sizes and its important to read and follow the instructions (well at least until you figure out what you're doing.)

As important as it is to follow the instructions, as a creative individual I don't believe in stifling any amazing ideas that flow in to your creative brain, once you have the foundation laid out and your garment encompasses the general look of what you envisioned I wholeheartedly encourage you to go WILD! do your thing, add embellishments and I'm not just talking about bedazzling the thing! why not add a zipper or a pocket to suit your needs, why not make something longer, shorter, remove a sleeve, add a sleeve...(just kidding, I wanted to see if you were paying attention) why not make it completely reversible!?

Which brings me to my feature presentation: Butterick 6244 (view A)

Pattern Description: Semi-fitted, unlined (ha!) coat with a front extending collar, flat-fell seams (oops!) narrow hem, and shaped front hemline longer than back.

Pattern Sizing: I went up one size because I knew I was going to make the coat reversible so I had to compensate for the extra thickness of 2 coats. The coat fit me well so I think the pattern sizing is accurate.

Did the finished project look like the picture on the pattern envelope?: ummm well no, that's why I'm here blogging about it! I did my own thang! but I'm 100% sure it would of fit if I did decide to follow the directions to a "T" but that's not what we're about right?

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, I got caught up a little when creating the darts but I ended up figuring it out.

Did I love putting this pattern together? maybe not love but, it was pretty straight forward. The coat was completed during the course of a Saturday afternoon, which is how I like my sewing projects to be, quick and easy.

What did I do to make the garment my own? Well I made the coat completely reversible using two of my favorite colours. I didn't even add a Zélé Adore label to keep my options open on both sides. I also added a 2" back elastic to cinch the waistline in. I didn't like the way the coat draped on me, it made me feel a little frumpy without it hugging my waist. (just a personal preference)

Because there are now two layers together I did a line of top-stitching around the entire coat, for decorative purposes and to keep them together. 

Would you sew again? Nah, it's a great piece, but I don't feel the need to have it in every colour. I'll just enjoy this one.

Well friends, this concludes my pattern review of Butterick 6244, I hope that you enjoyed reading about how I literally flipped the pattern to make it my own.   I chose black and red, comment below with the colour combinations you would choose if you were to make this coat...I'll be waiting...

Oh yeah! I can't forget to thank my fantastic husbandgrapher (Husband + Photographer = Husbandgrapher) for the amazing work he did setting, up, shooting, tearing down (I helped a little) and finally editing these pictures.
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Putting Myself Out There – My Fresh Collective Style Profile

Hey what's up?! How are you doing today? Me? I'm great feeling good and enjoy the this festive time of year.
Lately I have been exploring possible avenues for myself in the way of Toronto's fashion scene.  I had an interview for a fashion sewing class that I really hope I get accepted in.

In addition  I have stepped my face to face networking game by being more vocal about what I do and what my long term goals are. 

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to do some modelling for a Canadian boutique called Fresh Collective.   They feature independent Toronto Fashion designers and currently have three locations here in Toronto.  Fresh Collective has been around for 10 years and was founded by a very cool, down to earth lady by the name of Laura-Jean Bernhardson

The cool thing about Fresh Collective is that they look for everyday women such as myself to model clothing available in their boutiques.  I thinks it's a great opportunity to feature their inventory while at the same time showcase the model's passions and interest, it's a pretty amazing set up if you ask me! 

 The day of my photo shoot was my very 1st experience with Fresh Collective and it definitely was a great one.  I was greeted by a friendly staff member and made to feel special with the attention I received.  I even got to select pieces that I liked and felt comfortable in.
 Each time I went into the fitting room to try on a garment I meticulously examined the seams, details and the construction of the garments. I was thoroughly impressed.  I wore designers such as MOOVment Designs, and Mandala Designs.
I marveled at the tags of each piece of clothing thinking about how special it is for a designer to label their own garments and share with the public their  very own creation.

The boutique is a wonderland of beautiful garments and various accessories.  From unique handmade jewelry to upcyled gloved to the ever popular Matt & Nat handbag line from Montreal, they have a great eye pleasing and affordable selection.

If you haven't already popped over to their site, I invite you to check them out by clicking here.


To read more about my very own Style Profile click here!


If your in the area of one of their three locations by all means stop by and support a local designer...tell them Nikki sent ya! 


A special thank you goes out to Laura-Jean who not only took these photos of me but who took the time to get to know me a little during the process, I think your work is amazing!



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Formal Wear – Getting Wedding Fancy

Hey everyone thanks for meeting me here!  I know it's been a minute since I've brought you anything Zélé Adore related.  For the last 2 months its been nothing but fleece, feet and fashionable foot attire over at my other line Urban Sockology.  Today I'm taking back the reigns with my first true love which is women's fashion! 
Very recently I had the pleasure of being a guest at the wedding of a very dear friend.  Her new husband and her are a shining example of what a strong, healthy relationship should be.  When I received my invitation earlier this year I just new I had to do it up for this joyous occasion. 
For several months I envisioned the type of dress I wanted to create but nothing helped me decide better than the lack of time.  You see even though the beautiful bride was gifted with a amazing, handmade, countdown, which she happily shared with her friends on family on social media.  My countdown didn't start until 10 days before the wedding.
I went to the fabric shop with only one goal in mind, which was to find fabric to make my dress. Initially I picked some gorgeous sheer black fabric with  these gold coloured rose bud thingys on them... I even brought it to the cutting counter to have it cut, but something didn't feel right.  I had to take another circle around the fabric store until I heard the right bolt of fabric call my name. 
Alas! I heard it loud and clear "Nikkiiiiiiii"  I looked over to see this gorgeous wine coloured satin and it's complimentary sheer partner standing right next to it.  Excitedly, I brought both bolts of fabric to the cutting table and confidently made my request for 4 meters of fabric.  I requested 4 meters because I didn't quite have an idea of what my dress was going to look like.  I knew the inspiration would hit once I started draping the fabric over me.  

Initially since it was a late November wedding I planned on making something with sleeves.  I went home to do some sketches of designs but sleeves just weren't in the cards this time.  I decided to abandon that idea when I wrapped the pretty patterned sheer fabric around my neck and locked into the idea of a halter styled dress.    I figured the warmth from all the love circulating in the air coupled with  few drinks of rum would keep me warm in the event of a slight chill. 

The overskirt was dreamy and flowy I always felt the urge to walk as quickly as I could so that I could catch a little breeze and have it flap glamorously as I walked.  Sadly the ridiculously sexy but painful shoes I was wearing put a damper on that little activity.  By the way these are the very same shoes I wore on my own wedding day way back in 2011.  I am so glad that I got to show them off again!
Trust me when I say this wedding night was so magical I had so much fun!    from the great people (a lot of my biggest supporters were in attendance) the delicious food, the infectious music and best of all a beautiful couple who did an amazing job planning for this date.
Although I am a huge fan of creating comfy, cozy garments that I can enjoy on a daily basis, I really enjoyed making this fancier piece.  It allowed me to improve upon my skills.  Challenges I faced included working with a super slippery, thin material. In order to ensure that the fabric stayed aligned while sewing,  I found myself using way more pins and clips that I usually would.
Also because there is absolutely no stretch in these fabrics, proper measuring, sizing and straight sewing were of extreme importance with these pieces.   Feel free to ask me any questions with regards to the construction of this piece, I'm always willing to share.

The night was filled with so many activities from cocktail hour, great speeches, great music inclusive of  surprise performance of "tassa" drummers for the father daughter dance.  The bride and groom's  very first dance was serenaded by the super talented Art iS Vente singing a rendition of the song I'm Yours by Jason Mraz which in my humble opinion was way better than the original.

In conclusion I had a great time and I am pleased with the way my dress turned out.  I'd love to hear your feedback on how I style myself that night.

Until Next time... 

Oh! good news my hubby/photographer Darreyl Dennis got some new photo gear that we tested out for this shoot.  I hope you enjoy the look of these images as much as we do.  Special thank you lovey for all that you do! It's undeniable that we make a great team.
In addition I'd like to thank our beautiful daughter Zahirah who not only assisted with transforming our living room into a photo studio but she provided entertainment in the form of music and dancing as we did our work.
Finally I would like to send out a great big CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Fitch!  
May you share a life time of happiness, love and laughter together!

OK! it's back to the cutting table for me, stay subscribed for my very next blog post which I promise you will be sooner than last time!

Love and Light,




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10 Things I learned about Starting a Business – Urban Sockology 30 Day update

So it's been an entire  month since I started sharing my little business venture called Urban Sockology and I have to say the response from you all has been astounding!

 Your love, support, shares and likes have given me the kick in the pants that I craved to boost my venture to the next level. 
I feel like I have a much better focus and direction of what I truly want to do and how I want to offer it to the masses.
I have learned sooooo much in the last 30 days and look forward to what the future holds.
The following are a few highlights that really stood out with regards to my learning experience thus far.  I'm sure you'll feel the same enthusiasm and excitement I have for what I do through my creative expressions:

I've found one of the main secrets to a happy life,  is to do what you love!  I know for a lot of people that sound like a difficult feat but when you seriously analyze how you can make that life change possible you'll see you can do it if you really try.

 Honestly, no negativity, and not obstacle building...try it! I did.

I know sometimes when you have made your mind up to do what you want to do, you're not trying to hear the suggestions and comments of your  supporters.  Of course the ultimate decision is yours and yours alone but your supporters know you and they want the best for hear them out every now and then.

 I've found that my closest family members have retained so much of the information that I have vocalized over the years they are able to  provide me with additional feedback that is in alignment with what I am trying to do.

The first thing about a goal is that you have to write it down.   How else are you going to remember these amazing goals with all this creative stuff floating around in your head?!  I personally use a whiteboard that conveniently hangs in my work area right above my sewing machine.  Writing down my goals allows me to visualize where I am going and reminds me of what I am here to do.   Of course new ideas will appear and cloud your path but you have to keep a clear vision as to where you are going.

This should be an easy step if you are truly doing what you love.  I've learned that being a business professional doesn't mean you have to be serious and stuffy all the time or at all.  Sometimes you literally have to do that shake and wiggle dance and let the ish' go!  

Have fun be silly and then continue on with your bad self!

Smile through the rough patches! why? because crying messes up your make-up and gives you wrinkles in the long run.  Honestly I've already had days in the last month that made me doubt myself. I have had an opportunity fizzle away right before my eyes but I shook it off, listened to my supporters and kept focus on my goals.  Why you ask?  because I love what I do! (stick with me here)

This learning experience rings true for me because I am in the very early stage of Urban Sockology's development.  Clients may not know your exact thoughts or you personally but they do know what they want and need and can offer you very valuable suggestions as to what your next steps could be.  Of course you and only you make the final call but a little outside help (especially if it's free)  really goes a long way.

This one is pretty self-explanatory so in the spirit of staying positive, I'm keeping this one short.  Remember that in any self betterment achievement you make, there will be someone that can't stand to see you soar and leave them behind.  Just ignore them and keeping flying upwards, maybe one day they will join you and fly too.

Self care is vital for a healthy you thus a healthy business.  We have all heard the stories of working long, hard, tireless hours when getting a business off the ground and yes this is true.  However, I believe that there is no business without you and without a vibrant, well rested healthy you, how are you going to operate?  Take care of yourself and the rest will fall into place.  

I personally have stepped up my yoga and meditation practice since starting my own business.  A lot of folks may say that they don't have time for question to them is "you don't have time for your own self?!" Think about it.

People can be mean and say some dumb crap, but you need to up your B.S. filtration unit and not let the opinions of others get you down.  Not even for a minute!  

My last and final point  is "Stay true to yourself"  think about who you are, what you stand for and what you want to convey to the world.  Trust me when I tell you it's sooooo much easier to just be yourself than to take up the persona of another individual or the persona of an individual you think you should be.  


Well that's all I've got today!  don't forget to subscribe to the Urban Sockology Newsletter to get future updates on new items in stock.  

Thanks a million to my loving husband and one of my greatest supporters for capturing these images of my socks and I and forgetting my hair just 15 minutes before!  


Peace and love,




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Introducing Urban Sockology – Offical Launch

Hey everyone!!! Yes,  I used three exclamation marks to convey my sheer zeal and enthusiasm for the news I'm about to share with you. Urban SOCKOLOGY IS OFFICALY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

 As you're probably starting to realize, there is nothing that I won't try to make when it comes to sewing. Way back in November of 2014 I started using fleece fabric to make socks...yes socks! I bet you got all warm and fuzzy imagining how great fleece must feel on the feet.  I started  by making socks for all the members of my family including for my then 4 year old daughter.  

 The warmth of the socks made me confident that my family's feet would be warm in their boots over the long Canadian winter.  My creative gift giving extended to my lovely mother who at 71 still goes out to shovel the snow.

My mom doesn't always get excited about things but when it came to these fleece socks, please believe she was calling me up requesting a few more pairs to get her through the winter.  Mom being mom wanted modifications to her socks so I got to re-designing a seemingly perfect design to make it even better.  

In October of 2015 my fleece fabric consumption went way up when I started making my ever popular wrap sweaters.  As I'm a firm believer in not wasting fabric, I revisited the fleece sock making adventures using up the leftover fabric from the sweaters.  At that time,  pretty much everyone who ordered a wrap sweater got a bonus pair of matching socks...just for fun!  

I honestly got the idea to offer my socks to the masses back in April but I didn't think y'all were trying to hear anything about keeping your feet warm, just when you were ready to dig your sandals out of hibernation.  I made a calendar note to share my love of fleece socks with you later in the here I am! 

Although fleece socks might be a totally new fangled crazy idea to you, they really aren't.  HOWEVER a lot of the fleece socks out there are how do I say this nicely..."kind of lame"  they are cutesy wootesy and a little uncool for our type of style.    So I decided to put a modern day, stylish spin on fleece socks therefore bringing you, Urban Sockology.  I put a lot of time, trial and effort into designing these socks so that the fit was sleek on the feet.

My ultimate goal is to have you smiling in the middle of a storm with warm cozy feet thinking about how much your girl Nikki Dee has your back and of course your feet.  

This past long weekend (Thanksgiving  in Canada), I had an opportunity to model my socks in the nations capital, Ottawa.  I skipped around the Parliament buildings, taking in all the sites with fellow tourist.  The days temperature was about 9 degrees celsius so definitely fleece worthy weather if you ask me.

 I definitely want to have more fun creating this amazing foot apparel so I am more than open for custom colour suggestions so please drop me a line.  I've already got the fun started with the national flags of some of my favorite Caribbean islands!

Trust me when I say your feet will be getting some positive attention this season.

Where can you get in on the Urban Sockology action?

For now Urban Sockology can sit nicely under the Zélé Adore umbrella.  They are both my projects and since there's just one me, I decided to offer them right here on the Zélé Adore site.

Of course there is a Facebook page dedicated to the Urban Sockology movement,   I urge/plead/beg you to support by becoming a fan.  This is where the new releases and promotions for Urban Sockology will be announced and where I will make my funniest don't hesitate to click the "like" button.

Not a fan of reading too many words and like to live your life in #hashtags...follow me on Instagram for creatively gorgeous imagery taken by, yours truly...




Thank you to all my testers who provided me with feedback on the look and feel of these amazing foot apparel.  

I love and truly appreciate all that we have accomplished thus far!


Stay cozy,





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The Polka Dot Print – Step Aside Minnie Mouse

How do you feel about prints? do they make you cringe, do you think that are solely reserved for young children or  elderly women?  I know I'm opening up with such a broad based question and you're probably wondering why I'm asking.  After all there are so many types of prints that have come about over the years in the fashion industry.  There are the ever popular stripes, a wide array of floral prints, heck even a reoccurring pattern of flamingos could be added to make a stylish shirt.  I feel like prints are either something that one loves or hates, one such pattern that we have either a love or hate relationship with would be the polka dot.


In my humble opinion, I feel that polka dots exudes a delicate balance of playfulness and class especially with black and white colour combinations.
Polka dots seemed to have made a nice introduction into the fashion world. Back in the the late 20's  Miss America was photographed in a polka dot bikini and how could you forget that somewhat annoying song titled yellow polka dot bikini by Bryan Hylan.  (don't get mad at me if you end up singing that song later today).
Without a doubt I believe that polka dots were best worn (until now that is) by my favorite female mouse of all time, Minnie Mouse.  
The past season reintroduced the famous polka dot print so of course I finally gave in and purchased a few meters for myself.  I bought the fabric without really knowing what I was going to make but hey, that's nothing new.
Once hot summer day all the way back in July I decided my wardrobe craved a break from solids and needed a print to spice it up a bit.  I went through my stash of fabric and reconnected with this stretch rayon polka print.  I thought it would be fun to combine the sleek, sexy pencil skirt with a fun print that for some should only be worn by clowns.
In the spirit of keeping the design simple and letting the loud print speak by itself I created a matching top made from the same tubular shape characterized by the pencil skirt.  So there you have it my polka dot outfit that basically consist of 4 tubes of varying sizes.  HA! guess I am a clown after all!...(but a sexy one lol)



Anyways that's it for today,  thanks for my king who drove for almost an hour looking for the perfect location for this particular photo shoot! 


Comment below and let me know what you think about polka dots or just prints in general.  How do they make you feel?  I think they're fun!





Love and Light,


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Leggings – They May Not Be Pants But They Sure Are Sexy

This past weekend the hubby and I went out for an evening in our fair city of Toronto.  Through my husband's employer we were invited to attend the official launch of the Roland  Inspiration Center Toronto.  If your a music person you know who and what I'm talking about. For music geeks like my husband you'd appreciate all the colourful new toys Roland  has to offer.  There were a lot of buttons to push and a bunch of bright, colourful lights.  For me the evening was a chance to debut my sleek, sexy black leggings.

As you know there is no shortage of different looks you can get from leggings, simply by changing the fabric. The only requirement is a considerable amount of stretch to contour to our beautiful curves. 
This time around I decided to use some fabric I found in my local fabric store.  I've seen this fabric in their store for quite some time in different prints.  I was drawn to this fabric because I feel like the raised pattern gives off a feminine feel and the leather look adds to it's coolness factor.  If you ask me, I think I looked like a fancy biker chick.  

We decided to take advantage of the warm September night, the downtown atmosphere and the fact that the city of Toronto was alive with TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) movie goers and celebrity stalkers (no I didn't find Leonardo DiCaprio...sigh)


Until that night, I had never had much of an interest in TIFF.  I for one cannot seem to keep my eyes open for a movie unless it features some sort of talking animal or a psychotic's that for balance?!  Until that night I thought TIFF was a week long event that bougie  people went to see low budget films.


 I have now set my ignorant opinions aside and realize how very wrong I was. I even found a few titles I actually want to see.   I loved the energy that TIFF brought to my beautiful city and I wouldn't mind checking out Queen of Katwe  starring my friend in my head Lupita  Nyong’o. 

One special memorable point in our evening is when a handsome young man by the name of Nemo (sp?)  approached wanting to take a picture with me right in the middle of my photoshoot.  I loved his energy and how he had a way of making me feel so special.  After snapping a few shots we chatted a bit and went our separate ways.

The night ended beautifully with a super late night dinner at our new favourite place, Cafe Crepe located on Queen Street West,  I had a delicious french toast crepe that I highly recommend.
Well that's all I have for you this time around! it was nice bringing you up to speed on my latest adventure.  
Until next time,
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Stylish, Flirty and Chic – Summer Kimono

Hey gorgeous, yeah you! how has your summer been? What sorts of things did you get into?  Are you ready for fall?  no? nah, me neither.  I have really enjoyed the extremely warm temperatures that summer 16' has thrown our way and I honestly don't want it to end just yet.  I have a few fashion makes  to show you before the fall festivities begin, so without further hesitation, let's go!

What do you think of when you hear the word Kimono?  Japan right? yeah me too!  I have always pictured the Japanese to be a very fashion forward bunch of people with a sense of style that is infused with beauty and grace.  One piece of clothing that I believe demonstrates these characteristics is the kimono. 

A kimono is characterized by it's "T" shape, straight side seams and usually a hem that falls to the ankle. Kimonos are famous for long wide sleeves and can even have an attached collar.  Did you know that kimono's are always wrapped around the body with the left side over the right EXCEPT when dressing the dead for burials - yikes! that spooked me out a little.

After trying my kimono on with different outfits I  came to the conclusion that kimonos are essentially a fabulous piece of clothing that can be used to dress up just about any outfit.  In addition to the body con dress seen in my photos, I also paired my kimono with some fitted jeans, some denim cut off shorts and a tank top.  

While this kimono was made from a beautifully printed, light, flowing chiffon, there is nothing stopping me from creating this piece using heavier, solid fabrics this upcoming fall... Think cozy, fleece or wool 🙂 

Well that's it for today my lovelies, as always, I would like to thank my super amazing husband for capturing these images and dealing with my pickiness during the editing process! MUAH! 



Lots of love,




Check out how I created my very own kimono:

With that very simple blueprint of what a kimono is I decided to take matters in my own hands.  I did a little investigation at the mall and checked out how easy kimonos came together.  I decided a large t-shirt folded in half would be my guide. 

Photo_talks_Send (2)1. Fold fashion fabric in half then again with selvage edges together (2 folds)

tempFileForShare_2016-08-30-13-35-542. Find a large t-shirt  Fold t-shirt in half with the fold going down the spine of the t-shirt

20160830_1632333. Place folded t-shirt on top of folded fabric

Photo_talks_Send (1)4. Trace then cut 1-2"  away from outer seam of t-shirt as shown
(tip: You might want to pin your fabric together here especially if you are working with a slippery fabric)

Photo_talks_Send5. From the inside of the fabric sew in a L-shape under the arm and down the side. 

You basically have a t-shaped kimono at this point, there's just one problem... how are you going to get into it?!


Let's keep going...

tempFileForShare_2016-08-30-13-37-47 (1)6.  On only ONE side of the kimono...I said ONE side, neatly cut a straight line up the center of the kimono.  Bam!  In you go. 

tempFileForShare_2016-08-30-13-38-437. On the newly created opened side, measure 3 inches down from the top fold to create your neckline. You can use a bowl, or even the curve of the neckline from the t-shirt.

Photo_talks_Send (3)8. Time to hem!  Hem the arm holes, the front opening inclusive of the neck line and finally the bottom hem.









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A Very Special Tulle Skirt – Bridal Edition

Hey lovely people, how are you?  I know its been a  minute since my last blog post but I assure you I have good reason for being M.I.A. I spent the last few weeks taking  time to regain focus and properly align myself to in order to be able to maintain that ZEAL (Zélé) which is the  guiding force in this creative journey of mine.  
Over the last few weeks my hands have been been busy dancing around my sewing machine creating pieces that you will see in the coming weeks.  My greatest accomplishment since last touching base with you is the very special piece I was asked to create for an extremely big milestone a wedding!!!
A few months ago I was approached by one of my dearest, friends/supporters thus far to create something for her to wear on her wedding day.  We immediately started consulting the greatest creative resource online, Pinterest.  As  per usual a secret board was created and the pinning commenced. She decided on a tulle skirt with a fitted white bodysuit to match.  I had already had my eye on the Nettie bodysuit pattern designed by Closet Case Files so I didn't hesitate to hit the "order" button once I got the go ahead on the style of bodysuit.  It was a very straightforward pattern with clear instructions and lots of images to aid in the construction, you really can't go wrong with this pattern choice. 
The tulle skirt came next, I have never created such a garment but I immediately put my "I can make anything' hat on and said YES to the dress (ok, it's not a dress but I felt the urge to say that popular phrase somewhere in this blog post.)
I watched a few Youtube videos to get a sense of how much tulle I would require and decided that 25-30 meters was the norm.  
After a trip to the best place on earth, the fabric store we emerged with 30 meters of white tulle, some cotton for the underlining and a white zipper.  I ordered the white cotton lycra fabric for the bodysuit from an awesome online fabric shop called Purple Seamstress.  The cotton lycra came at a great price, and with exceptionally quick service.   
When it was time to begin the task I took the time to make sure my sewing area was completely dust free.  I knew I had to take extra care to make sure that this beautiful white material stayed impeccable.  I literally panicked every-time I managed to get a pieces of lint on the tulle.
In order to have enough material to achieve a suitable gather,  I started rolling  and cutting lengths of tulle that were 3 times the width of the brides waist measurement.  I had to make a creative decision as to how puffy the dress should be and decided that 6 layers would do the trick.  
I had the most fun gathering all of this magnificent tulle.  In order to gather I put my sewing machine on the longest stitch length and turned the tension all the way up to the highest setting.  This is the technique most commonly used to create the ruffle effect you see at the top of the skirt right under the waistband.  
I must admit it was a bit of wrestling match with the dress when it came time to connect all those layers, in the end I won but the tulle skirt put up a good fight!
As previously mentioned the skirt was created with a cotton lining. I chose cotton because I knew an August wedding could turn out to be a  real scorcher of a day and I wanted to make sure the bride  was going to be as cool as possible under 30 meters of tulle!
A quick straight stitch united the cotton lining with the tulle  skirt and the two pieces became one to live there lives happily together.

Finally the waistband needed to be added.  I must admit I struggled with the waistband which resulted in 2 additional trips to the fabric store.  It was decided that a 2" satin waistband would complete the look.    After the waistband was attached I inserted the zipper as neatly as I could and folded the waistband over sandwiching the tulle neatly inside the two sides of the waistband. (mmmmmh sandwich)

Making a dress that someone was going to wear while making a promise to be conjoined to another human for the REST OF THEIR LIVES is HUGE!  (rest of your life girl) During the process of creating this wedding attire I would occasionally experience waves of panic that would come over me.  I would say Nikki... what are you doing?  how could you say yes to something like this?!  after many conversations with myself the answer was evident... I said yes because I could.  Moral of the story, never doubt your gifts and abilities.   

The day the dress was picked up I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.  The tulle skirt and I had formed a bond and now it was all done and going home.  The next time we saw each other (the skirt and I) was wedding day which was Saturday August 6th, 2016.
I could use no other word to describe the bride than gorgeous!  She was glowing and not because she was covered in white from head to toe but because she looked amazing! The brides hair was expertly styled, makeup carefully applied, nails on point and....wait a minute her outfit was made by ME!  me!  me!  tears of joy started welling up in my eyes because I was so proud of myself.  Of course all the praise coming from the guest that knew of my contribution to the wedding were a super big ego boost. 
I'd like to thank my dear friend Mrs. Pappanduros for believing in me and trusting me with this endeavor, her amazing new husband Nick for  asking her to marry you and of course my own loving, talented husband and our super amazing daughter for photographing this joyous occasion.  
Love and light,
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Top 10 Reasons Sewing For Children is Sew Awesome

1. Children are little and cute therefore the fabric that covers them is also little and cute

(How many of us can honestly say they can rock a pair of cat pants like this?!)

2. Children are less than half  our size therefore clothes takes less than half the time to sew

3. Just because they are small it doesn't mean you have to skimp out on the details we love so much in our own clothing

4. Sewing  for children allows for an opportunity for the tall, slim child to have pants small enough to stay on their waist yet long enough to cover their cute little ankles

5. Sewing allows for custom pieces that you'll never find in a local department store

6. Sewing allows for your children to go around saying "my mom can make anything" thus leaving you feeling pretty freakin' awesome!

7.Because finding clothes for a girl when her favorite color is green isn't always easy

8. Sewing for children allows for the perfect mini-me outfits around

9. Because children don't complain when you accidentally make one pant leg slightly longer than the other - (that may or may not be a joke)


and lastly...

10. Since they don't have jobs, they pay you with beautiful art work!!!


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