Top 10 Reasons Sewing For Children is Sew Awesome

1. Children are little and cute therefore the fabric that covers them is also little and cute

(How many of us can honestly say they can rock a pair of cat pants like this?!)

2. Children are less than half  our size therefore clothes takes less than half the time to sew

3. Just because they are small it doesn't mean you have to skimp out on the details we love so much in our own clothing

4. Sewing  for children allows for an opportunity for the tall, slim child to have pants small enough to stay on their waist yet long enough to cover their cute little ankles

5. Sewing allows for custom pieces that you'll never find in a local department store

6. Sewing allows for your children to go around saying "my mom can make anything" thus leaving you feeling pretty freakin' awesome!

7.Because finding clothes for a girl when her favorite color is green isn't always easy

8. Sewing for children allows for the perfect mini-me outfits around

9. Because children don't complain when you accidentally make one pant leg slightly longer than the other - (that may or may not be a joke)


and lastly...

10. Since they don't have jobs, they pay you with beautiful art work!!!


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