10 Things I learned about Starting a Business – Urban Sockology 30 Day update

So it's been an entire  month since I started sharing my little business venture called Urban Sockology and I have to say the response from you all has been astounding!

 Your love, support, shares and likes have given me the kick in the pants that I craved to boost my venture to the next level. 
I feel like I have a much better focus and direction of what I truly want to do and how I want to offer it to the masses.
I have learned sooooo much in the last 30 days and look forward to what the future holds.
The following are a few highlights that really stood out with regards to my learning experience thus far.  I'm sure you'll feel the same enthusiasm and excitement I have for what I do through my creative expressions:

I've found one of the main secrets to a happy life,  is to do what you love!  I know for a lot of people that sound like a difficult feat but when you seriously analyze how you can make that life change possible you'll see you can do it if you really try.

 Honestly, no negativity, and not obstacle building...try it! I did.

I know sometimes when you have made your mind up to do what you want to do, you're not trying to hear the suggestions and comments of your  supporters.  Of course the ultimate decision is yours and yours alone but your supporters know you and they want the best for you...so hear them out every now and then.

 I've found that my closest family members have retained so much of the information that I have vocalized over the years they are able to  provide me with additional feedback that is in alignment with what I am trying to do.

The first thing about a goal is that you have to write it down.   How else are you going to remember these amazing goals with all this creative stuff floating around in your head?!  I personally use a whiteboard that conveniently hangs in my work area right above my sewing machine.  Writing down my goals allows me to visualize where I am going and reminds me of what I am here to do.   Of course new ideas will appear and cloud your path but you have to keep a clear vision as to where you are going.

This should be an easy step if you are truly doing what you love.  I've learned that being a business professional doesn't mean you have to be serious and stuffy all the time or at all.  Sometimes you literally have to do that shake and wiggle dance and let the ish' go!  

Have fun be silly and then continue on with your bad self!

Smile through the rough patches! why? because crying messes up your make-up and gives you wrinkles in the long run.  Honestly I've already had days in the last month that made me doubt myself. I have had an opportunity fizzle away right before my eyes but I shook it off, listened to my supporters and kept focus on my goals.  Why you ask?  because I love what I do! (stick with me here)

This learning experience rings true for me because I am in the very early stage of Urban Sockology's development.  Clients may not know your exact thoughts or you personally but they do know what they want and need and can offer you very valuable suggestions as to what your next steps could be.  Of course you and only you make the final call but a little outside help (especially if it's free)  really goes a long way.

This one is pretty self-explanatory so in the spirit of staying positive, I'm keeping this one short.  Remember that in any self betterment achievement you make, there will be someone that can't stand to see you soar and leave them behind.  Just ignore them and keeping flying upwards, maybe one day they will join you and fly too.

Self care is vital for a healthy you thus a healthy business.  We have all heard the stories of working long, hard, tireless hours when getting a business off the ground and yes this is true.  However, I believe that there is no business without you and without a vibrant, well rested healthy you, how are you going to operate?  Take care of yourself and the rest will fall into place.  

I personally have stepped up my yoga and meditation practice since starting my own business.  A lot of folks may say that they don't have time for that...my question to them is "you don't have time for your own self?!" Think about it.

People can be mean and say some dumb crap, but you need to up your B.S. filtration unit and not let the opinions of others get you down.  Not even for a minute!  

My last and final point  is "Stay true to yourself"  think about who you are, what you stand for and what you want to convey to the world.  Trust me when I tell you it's sooooo much easier to just be yourself than to take up the persona of another individual or the persona of an individual you think you should be.  


Well that's all I've got today!  don't forget to subscribe to the Urban Sockology Newsletter to get future updates on new items in stock.  

Thanks a million to my loving husband and one of my greatest supporters for capturing these images of my socks and I and forgetting my hair just 15 minutes before!  


Peace and love,




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