Spring it On! – How I Welcomed Spring 2016

As we all know by now spring is officially here, for various reasons, I have always enjoyed this time of year.  

For me, spring is a time for  new beginnings, it's the official end of winter, it's the introduction of pretty, happy colours and of course the celebration of my birth in May (Oh what a joyous occasion!!!).

Although we enjoyed more spring like temps back in February I just couldn't resist the refreshing renewal of energy that comes along with this time of year, for this reason I decided to hit up my local fabric shop (like I ever need a reason to go fabric shopping).

Before leaving the house, my voice of reason, who doubles as my loving daughter warned me about not buying anything I didn’t need. (HA!) As you can probably figure out, fabric is an absolutely necessity for someone like me but, if you've seen the stash of fabric I already have you'd understand why she warned me.

Within 3 minutes of getting into the fabric store I was lovingly clutching beautiful floral printed fabrics and turning my creative wheels towards dresses, light tops and flowy skirts. 

Thankfully, I was extremely well behaved on this outing I emerged with only the following: 

I immediately envisioned a slim fitting dress with long sleeves. I carried the bolt of fabric over to the cutting table and this was the end result:
I welcomed spring with opened arms...
I pleaded with the spring fairies to stick around...
I jumped for joy at the thought of longer days and shorter skirts...

I even gave old man winter my best,  "don't mess with me stare" when he threatened me with a gust of  cold wind. (more on yellow sweater)

How did I do?:

As you probably calculated, the dress was an extremely quick sew. I used the slim fit raglan pattern from Patterns for Pirates as a template to get started. Since this is a pattern for a top I elongated it about 8” inches to be a dress.

For a bit of styling I cut a curved hem leaving the back longer than the front. You know that saying cut once measure twice? Yeah well that's totally not me, that's why the dress turned out a little shorter than I intended. But oh well its spring! All in all I really like this dress and how it turned out. I will most likely wear it on a date night with hubby one of these gorgeous spring weekends.

Spring it On! – How I Welcomed Spring 2016

I hope you enjoyed this week’s update on my sewing adventures, comment below and let me know how you welcomed spring 2016.








Oh yeah! This week’s photos were brought to you courtesy of my gorgeous daughter Zahirah,  she’s a 15 year aspiring photographer who intends on gaining a lot of experience taking photos of her mama.  You’ll have many opportunities to meet Zahirah in future posts so don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. Beautiful Nikki! I trust that after you’ve plead with spring to stay around, it will. Here’s to longer days and shorter skirts!