Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by to check out what I've been working on.  With the warmer temperatures looming I have my heart and mind set on nothing but cute dresses and shoes.  

My fashion idol Mimi G has once again provided her followers with a DIY tutorial for this fast easy color blocked summer dress.  What I like most about this tutorial is that it allows someone with the most basic of sewing skills to completely rock this project.

Curious to know how I did it? follow me!

What you're going to need:

  •  3-4 tops that fit you well

  • A pair of scissors or a rotary cutter (I used my rotary cutter)

  • A ruler

  • Coordinating thread

  •  A sewing machine or a wicked hand sewing game

  • 1 dash of creativity

  • 1 pinch of patience (2 pinches if you're going to hand sew)


Choose 3 to 4 shirts that you love and fit you well.
Cut the upper portion of the shirt you want to use for the top of your dress, 4 inches below the underarm.
Cut the remaining 3 shirts 10 inches long.
BONUS TIP: If you cut the last shirt 10 inches from the bottom, you won't have to hem anything!
Pin & sew all 4 pieces together using coordinating thread. (be sure to align the side seams so that it's all neat and tidy)
Don't forget to press the newly sewn seams of your dress, it gives your project a way more professional look.

Think about the endless possibilities that stem from this idea!
Your dress could be loose fitting or form fitting like mine.
The color combinations you choose are limitless...think flags and national colors.
Why not try experimenting with prints???
You could make a tank dress, v-neck, round really is your choice.




Anyways that's  what I had to share today, I hope you enjoyed learning  how I created this look as much as I enjoyed creating and wearing it.  

I am definitely going to make a few more of these color blocked dresses, comment below and let me know your most stylish suggestions.

Finally,  a big thank you to my husband-friend Gigz for always capturing me in the best possible light. 





Until next time,




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