Business Cards…Finally!

Hello lovelies! How are you doing today?  me?  oh! well I'm doing just fine, thanks for asking!

Since Zélé Adore became a full time operation back in June, things are finally starting to take shape and I'm loving every single moment of it.  

My custom clothing labels are on their way, the blog posts are coming out more frequently, and my daily routines are becoming a lot more structured. 

I am finally ready to spread my wings to the masses and take on more clients but guess what I don't have?!?!  BUSINESS CARDS!  

Yeah I know, a simple 3.5" x 2.00" piece of cardstock with a few words, a website and a telephone number on it and I just couldn't make up my mind until now.

I believe business cards should be a true reflection of who you are and what your business represents.  Business cards should tell a story of what level of quality you can expect from your business establishment.  

  • I did some brain storming and decided what I wanted the Zélé Adore brand to represent, I came up with classy, stylish, and cool.  
  • Since my business is in the fashion industry, I wanted to include a powerful image that showcases my work and of course the face of Zélé Adore...ME!
  • I narrowed down the colours that I think represent my brand which are the same colours as my website, black white and wine  (mmmmhhh  wine)

For the photo shoot I got "into character" and practiced some strong, sexy Zélé poses! I think I captured the right vibe, what do you think?

Now that the difficult part is over I just need to select one of these images, add my pertinent contact information and I'm done! 

This is happening y'all it's really really happening!!!!

Thanks for all your love and support as travel on this journey, you all truly mean so much to me! I absolutely could not have made it thus far without your encouragement and motivation.



Love always,



As always I would like to thank my husband and his amazing photography eye, I simply explain  my vision and he guides me to achieve the perfect shots.


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