Formal Wear – Getting Wedding Fancy

Hey everyone thanks for meeting me here!  I know it's been a minute since I've brought you anything Zélé Adore related.  For the last 2 months its been nothing but fleece, feet and fashionable foot attire over at my other line Urban Sockology.  Today I'm taking back the reigns with my first true love which is women's fashion! 
Very recently I had the pleasure of being a guest at the wedding of a very dear friend.  Her new husband and her are a shining example of what a strong, healthy relationship should be.  When I received my invitation earlier this year I just new I had to do it up for this joyous occasion. 
For several months I envisioned the type of dress I wanted to create but nothing helped me decide better than the lack of time.  You see even though the beautiful bride was gifted with a amazing, handmade, countdown, which she happily shared with her friends on family on social media.  My countdown didn't start until 10 days before the wedding.
I went to the fabric shop with only one goal in mind, which was to find fabric to make my dress. Initially I picked some gorgeous sheer black fabric with  these gold coloured rose bud thingys on them... I even brought it to the cutting counter to have it cut, but something didn't feel right.  I had to take another circle around the fabric store until I heard the right bolt of fabric call my name. 
Alas! I heard it loud and clear "Nikkiiiiiiii"  I looked over to see this gorgeous wine coloured satin and it's complimentary sheer partner standing right next to it.  Excitedly, I brought both bolts of fabric to the cutting table and confidently made my request for 4 meters of fabric.  I requested 4 meters because I didn't quite have an idea of what my dress was going to look like.  I knew the inspiration would hit once I started draping the fabric over me.  

Initially since it was a late November wedding I planned on making something with sleeves.  I went home to do some sketches of designs but sleeves just weren't in the cards this time.  I decided to abandon that idea when I wrapped the pretty patterned sheer fabric around my neck and locked into the idea of a halter styled dress.    I figured the warmth from all the love circulating in the air coupled with  few drinks of rum would keep me warm in the event of a slight chill. 

The overskirt was dreamy and flowy I always felt the urge to walk as quickly as I could so that I could catch a little breeze and have it flap glamorously as I walked.  Sadly the ridiculously sexy but painful shoes I was wearing put a damper on that little activity.  By the way these are the very same shoes I wore on my own wedding day way back in 2011.  I am so glad that I got to show them off again!
Trust me when I say this wedding night was so magical I had so much fun!    from the great people (a lot of my biggest supporters were in attendance) the delicious food, the infectious music and best of all a beautiful couple who did an amazing job planning for this date.
Although I am a huge fan of creating comfy, cozy garments that I can enjoy on a daily basis, I really enjoyed making this fancier piece.  It allowed me to improve upon my skills.  Challenges I faced included working with a super slippery, thin material. In order to ensure that the fabric stayed aligned while sewing,  I found myself using way more pins and clips that I usually would.
Also because there is absolutely no stretch in these fabrics, proper measuring, sizing and straight sewing were of extreme importance with these pieces.   Feel free to ask me any questions with regards to the construction of this piece, I'm always willing to share.

The night was filled with so many activities from cocktail hour, great speeches, great music inclusive of  surprise performance of "tassa" drummers for the father daughter dance.  The bride and groom's  very first dance was serenaded by the super talented Art iS Vente singing a rendition of the song I'm Yours by Jason Mraz which in my humble opinion was way better than the original.

In conclusion I had a great time and I am pleased with the way my dress turned out.  I'd love to hear your feedback on how I style myself that night.

Until Next time... 

Oh! good news my hubby/photographer Darreyl Dennis got some new photo gear that we tested out for this shoot.  I hope you enjoy the look of these images as much as we do.  Special thank you lovey for all that you do! It's undeniable that we make a great team.
In addition I'd like to thank our beautiful daughter Zahirah who not only assisted with transforming our living room into a photo studio but she provided entertainment in the form of music and dancing as we did our work.
Finally I would like to send out a great big CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Fitch!  
May you share a life time of happiness, love and laughter together!

OK! it's back to the cutting table for me, stay subscribed for my very next blog post which I promise you will be sooner than last time!

Love and Light,




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