Making Jeans – My Newest Super Power!

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by! as usual I have been busy in my sewing lab creating my summer wardrobe.  Of course no wardrobe would be complete without of pair of blue jeans to either dress up or dress down.  

Finding a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly is a challenge that most people face. For me personally I can never find a pair of jeans that fit my booty and waist properly at the same time. (I blame my mama for that!).  I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own jeans. Today I'm going to share with you my experiences with creating jeans using the Ginger Skinny Jeans pattern by Closet Case Files.


There is something about the successful creation of jeans that makes it's creator feel like she has  extraordinary super powers.  I have a strong feeling it has everything to do with the added detail that goes into making a pair of regular pants look like cool jeans. 

Coin Pocket

Does anyone actually use this pocket?

Does anyone actually use this pocket?

Zipper Fly

I honestly did a happy dance when I successfully completed this step! (see below)

Double Stitching

Not one but two opportunities to prove you can sew a straight line!

Denim Button

Denim is just not the same without these durable, functional buttons.

Since this was my first attempt at making jeans I opted for some bargain denim I found in the clearance section of Fabricland.
I have to admit I was pretty nervous about this project, I wanted them to come out right (especially since I told you all about them).

I was mainly concerned about how they would fit.   For this reason I purchased and carefully read the Sewing Your Own Jeans Ebook that provides added assistance to making jeans.  The instructions included in the pattern and the additional  ebook (sold separately) were super helpful.  There were lots of great pictures and the language used was super clear.  The ebook taught me a lot about adjusting pants in order to get the proper fit for all sorts of body types.

As per my usual ritual I cut all of the pattern pieces the night before.  I like doing this so that I have a fresh start on two separate days.  In total most jeans consist of at least 12 different pieces, so I had a lot of work ahead of me.

For precise cutting I used my 30 mm Olfa rotary cutter. Once you get over the 
initial fear of slicing your fingers you will discover how quickly and accurately you can cut fabric with them.

Olfa rotary cutter

On sew day I meticulously followed the instructions provided in the pattern.  I'm a visual person so the images were a big help for me.  At times I even referenced a pair of my existing jeans so that I could gain a better understanding of what piece goes where.

Me Doing My Happy Dance!

I really took my time with the jeans and did a lot of slow stitching which I find to be therapeutic and rewarding.   I swear I heard a choir of angels singing during the first fitting.  It was inspiring to know that I was creating something that looked so store bought.



Well that's enough rambling on about my new jeans,(#humblebrag) I hope that you have been wowed and amazed as much as I have been about them.

A big shout out to my hubby Gigz for always managing to capture me in the best light with his amazing photography skills.  


Until next time,




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