Introducing Urban Sockology – Offical Launch

Hey everyone!!! Yes,  I used three exclamation marks to convey my sheer zeal and enthusiasm for the news I'm about to share with you. Urban SOCKOLOGY IS OFFICALY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

 As you're probably starting to realize, there is nothing that I won't try to make when it comes to sewing. Way back in November of 2014 I started using fleece fabric to make socks...yes socks! I bet you got all warm and fuzzy imagining how great fleece must feel on the feet.  I started  by making socks for all the members of my family including for my then 4 year old daughter.  

 The warmth of the socks made me confident that my family's feet would be warm in their boots over the long Canadian winter.  My creative gift giving extended to my lovely mother who at 71 still goes out to shovel the snow.

My mom doesn't always get excited about things but when it came to these fleece socks, please believe she was calling me up requesting a few more pairs to get her through the winter.  Mom being mom wanted modifications to her socks so I got to re-designing a seemingly perfect design to make it even better.  

In October of 2015 my fleece fabric consumption went way up when I started making my ever popular wrap sweaters.  As I'm a firm believer in not wasting fabric, I revisited the fleece sock making adventures using up the leftover fabric from the sweaters.  At that time,  pretty much everyone who ordered a wrap sweater got a bonus pair of matching socks...just for fun!  

I honestly got the idea to offer my socks to the masses back in April but I didn't think y'all were trying to hear anything about keeping your feet warm, just when you were ready to dig your sandals out of hibernation.  I made a calendar note to share my love of fleece socks with you later in the here I am! 

Although fleece socks might be a totally new fangled crazy idea to you, they really aren't.  HOWEVER a lot of the fleece socks out there are how do I say this nicely..."kind of lame"  they are cutesy wootesy and a little uncool for our type of style.    So I decided to put a modern day, stylish spin on fleece socks therefore bringing you, Urban Sockology.  I put a lot of time, trial and effort into designing these socks so that the fit was sleek on the feet.

My ultimate goal is to have you smiling in the middle of a storm with warm cozy feet thinking about how much your girl Nikki Dee has your back and of course your feet.  

This past long weekend (Thanksgiving  in Canada), I had an opportunity to model my socks in the nations capital, Ottawa.  I skipped around the Parliament buildings, taking in all the sites with fellow tourist.  The days temperature was about 9 degrees celsius so definitely fleece worthy weather if you ask me.

 I definitely want to have more fun creating this amazing foot apparel so I am more than open for custom colour suggestions so please drop me a line.  I've already got the fun started with the national flags of some of my favorite Caribbean islands!

Trust me when I say your feet will be getting some positive attention this season.

Where can you get in on the Urban Sockology action?

For now Urban Sockology can sit nicely under the Zélé Adore umbrella.  They are both my projects and since there's just one me, I decided to offer them right here on the Zélé Adore site.

Of course there is a Facebook page dedicated to the Urban Sockology movement,   I urge/plead/beg you to support by becoming a fan.  This is where the new releases and promotions for Urban Sockology will be announced and where I will make my funniest don't hesitate to click the "like" button.

Not a fan of reading too many words and like to live your life in #hashtags...follow me on Instagram for creatively gorgeous imagery taken by, yours truly...




Thank you to all my testers who provided me with feedback on the look and feel of these amazing foot apparel.  

I love and truly appreciate all that we have accomplished thus far!


Stay cozy,





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