This past weekend my loving husband Darreyl aka Gigz told me he felt like taking some “pro photos.” Naturally I volunteered to be the subject of this week's photo project because I have a few things to show you. I threw on one of my FAVORITE comfy, sexy & stylish outfits (who knew those three characteristics could be used together to describe an outfit?!) Take a look at the end result:
These amazing joggers...yes joggers were created using my favorite jogger pattern by TRUE BIAS. I have been experimenting with this pattern since the summer of 2015 and plan to continue to have more fun with it in 2016! The pattern is a PDF which meant I had to print out the pages and tape them together. I will share a more detailed explanation of what I’m talking about in a future post. Even though PDF patterns are a little bit more work than traditional store bought patterns, I love the fact that you can print multiple sizes for different body types hint...hint... The instructions for this pattern were very clear and concise. I strongly believe an advanced beginner could tackle this project with a little patience.
I absolutely love pockets and like how cool modelling with them can make you look...see !!!
The addition of faux leather on the pocket was a last minute design decision that I am happy I made even though I used black leather, the difference in textures makes for a nice break in the pattern.
These pants are so super comfortable and stylish. I could literally wear them to work, then go out dancing with my girls and then run a marathon wearing them. They give me lots of flexibility with a relaxed fit throughout the leg they are by far the most comfortable pants I own.
Well that's it for today my friends, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Comment below and let’s start a dialogue about the style of pants you find the most comfortable.

Love always,



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