Jumpsuits – Not Just Garments For Super Heros

Jumpsuits, the official one piece fashion garment of the most coolest superheros.  Whether you call them jumpers, rompers, body suits or onesies I am here to tell you how much I LOVE these garments! they are so comfortable and can easily transform you into a stylish sexy with goddess with very little to now effort.  


For the purpose of this post I'm going to refer to my latest creation as a jumpsuit.  We can discuss in the comments below what you call them.

I like to believe that I am a superhero in my own right,  I'm on a quest to find outfits that are stylish, sexy yet comfortable.  Yes, I know a equal combination of those features are not usually possible but I'm on a mission to find them and share them with to you. 

A few weeks ago my fellow co-worker strutted into the office looking ever so lovely in her jumpsuit.  She gushed about how comfortable they are and how much she loved them.  Immediately, bells and whistles started going off in my head and I started planning for the jumpsuit I already knew I would be sewing. 

As with most of my creative research,  I started off with one of my trusted sources...PINTEREST!  Being the superhero that I am I created a "secret board" this time around just to get my thoughts and ideas together.  I even did a few rough draft sketches in my design book. 

As most designers do, I broke down the parts of a jumpsuit and I quickly realized that jumpsuits are simply a combination of pants and a top expertly combined to create a fun, carefree outfit...Thank you Jumpsuit Gods!

After completing a little research I ventured off to the best place on earth!  FABRICLAND! WHAT?! don't tell me you didn't guess Farbicland!  I flipped through the big book of fashion patterns in search of a jumpsuit style that suited my taste and voila I came across M7366

I mean look at it! this design gets major sexy points with the opening in the front and back, pleats for some added detail  and who can ignore the pockets!

Without hesitation I purchased the pattern and skipped home to get to work on my first ever jumpsuit.

As you can can see the finished product turned out pretty close to the original.   I ended up using a double knit ponte fabric as opposed to the suggested crepe, challis or cotton that the pattern suggested (I know, I'm such a rebel)

The special characteristics about this jumpsuit are the pockets, the halter neck  (which means I didn't have to search for any neck adornments)  and the open back which double as a sexy style option and additional ventilation over the hot summer:





Things I did differently:

  • I didn't add the waistband because the double knit ponte would be too think and add a lot of bulk to my waistline 

  • tacked the center front closed with a small stitch so the front didn't gape open as much (didn't want my mama to see me like this online)

  • I shaved a half inch off of each pant leg for a even slimmer look

Things I would do differently next time:

  • I would read the instructions before embarking on sewing  

  • Lengthen the pant legs about 2" 

  • Use a lighter material like cotton 

  • Add the waistband




Well that's all I have for you today... What do you think of the jumper I created?

Is it sexy?

Is it stylish?

I can honestly say it is comfortable!  

Comment below which major store these photos were taken in front of.    My amazing photographer husband always scopes out the coolest  locations for photo-shoots.




Until next time,



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  1. This outfit is amazing! I wish I was 7 inches taller to pull off the sleek and chic look the way you do!

  2. Great job on creating this outfit! Very pretty and sexy. The colour looks great on you. I enjoy reading your process as always. So interesting to see what you come up with and what you would do differently. Looking forward to more!!