Leggings – They May Not Be Pants But They Sure Are Sexy

This past weekend the hubby and I went out for an evening in our fair city of Toronto.  Through my husband's employer we were invited to attend the official launch of the Roland  Inspiration Center Toronto.  If your a music person you know who and what I'm talking about. For music geeks like my husband you'd appreciate all the colourful new toys Roland  has to offer.  There were a lot of buttons to push and a bunch of bright, colourful lights.  For me the evening was a chance to debut my sleek, sexy black leggings.

As you know there is no shortage of different looks you can get from leggings, simply by changing the fabric. The only requirement is a considerable amount of stretch to contour to our beautiful curves. 
This time around I decided to use some fabric I found in my local fabric store.  I've seen this fabric in their store for quite some time in different prints.  I was drawn to this fabric because I feel like the raised pattern gives off a feminine feel and the leather look adds to it's coolness factor.  If you ask me, I think I looked like a fancy biker chick.  

We decided to take advantage of the warm September night, the downtown atmosphere and the fact that the city of Toronto was alive with TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) movie goers and celebrity stalkers (no I didn't find Leonardo DiCaprio...sigh)


Until that night, I had never had much of an interest in TIFF.  I for one cannot seem to keep my eyes open for a movie unless it features some sort of talking animal or a psychotic individual...how's that for balance?!  Until that night I thought TIFF was a week long event that bougie  people went to see low budget films.


 I have now set my ignorant opinions aside and realize how very wrong I was. I even found a few titles I actually want to see.   I loved the energy that TIFF brought to my beautiful city and I wouldn't mind checking out Queen of Katwe  starring my friend in my head Lupita  Nyong’o. 

One special memorable point in our evening is when a handsome young man by the name of Nemo (sp?)  approached wanting to take a picture with me right in the middle of my photoshoot.  I loved his energy and how he had a way of making me feel so special.  After snapping a few shots we chatted a bit and went our separate ways.

The night ended beautifully with a super late night dinner at our new favourite place, Cafe Crepe located on Queen Street West,  I had a delicious french toast crepe that I highly recommend.
Well that's all I have for you this time around! it was nice bringing you up to speed on my latest adventure.  
Until next time,

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