Pattern Test Dummy- Reversible Coat – Butterick 6244

Hey everyone! phew it's so good to be back! I missed you guys did you miss me? I've been off the blogging scene for a some time now. It's not that anything was "wrong" with me or that I really went anywhere I just had a lot on my mind that I needed to sort out before I could come to you correctly. So here I am posting my first post of the year. You'll soon realize that I am going to be making some exciting improvements to the content of my posts but first, I need to share with you a quick fashion sewing post.
In addition to drafting patterns from scratch I also thoroughly enjoy using paper patterns to create some of my garments. Paper patterns are carefully drafted sheets of thin tissue paper that completely map out each piece of a garment. The pattern pieces are very specific to the various sizes and its important to read and follow the instructions (well at least until you figure out what you're doing.)

As important as it is to follow the instructions, as a creative individual I don't believe in stifling any amazing ideas that flow in to your creative brain, once you have the foundation laid out and your garment encompasses the general look of what you envisioned I wholeheartedly encourage you to go WILD! do your thing, add embellishments and I'm not just talking about bedazzling the thing! why not add a zipper or a pocket to suit your needs, why not make something longer, shorter, remove a sleeve, add a sleeve...(just kidding, I wanted to see if you were paying attention) why not make it completely reversible!?

Which brings me to my feature presentation: Butterick 6244 (view A)

Pattern Description: Semi-fitted, unlined (ha!) coat with a front extending collar, flat-fell seams (oops!) narrow hem, and shaped front hemline longer than back.

Pattern Sizing: I went up one size because I knew I was going to make the coat reversible so I had to compensate for the extra thickness of 2 coats. The coat fit me well so I think the pattern sizing is accurate.

Did the finished project look like the picture on the pattern envelope?: ummm well no, that's why I'm here blogging about it! I did my own thang! but I'm 100% sure it would of fit if I did decide to follow the directions to a "T" but that's not what we're about right?

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, I got caught up a little when creating the darts but I ended up figuring it out.

Did I love putting this pattern together? maybe not love but, it was pretty straight forward. The coat was completed during the course of a Saturday afternoon, which is how I like my sewing projects to be, quick and easy.

What did I do to make the garment my own? Well I made the coat completely reversible using two of my favorite colours. I didn't even add a Zélé Adore label to keep my options open on both sides. I also added a 2" back elastic to cinch the waistline in. I didn't like the way the coat draped on me, it made me feel a little frumpy without it hugging my waist. (just a personal preference)

Because there are now two layers together I did a line of top-stitching around the entire coat, for decorative purposes and to keep them together. 

Would you sew again? Nah, it's a great piece, but I don't feel the need to have it in every colour. I'll just enjoy this one.

Well friends, this concludes my pattern review of Butterick 6244, I hope that you enjoyed reading about how I literally flipped the pattern to make it my own.   I chose black and red, comment below with the colour combinations you would choose if you were to make this coat...I'll be waiting...

Oh yeah! I can't forget to thank my fantastic husbandgrapher (Husband + Photographer = Husbandgrapher) for the amazing work he did setting, up, shooting, tearing down (I helped a little) and finally editing these pictures.

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