Stylish, Flirty and Chic – Summer Kimono

Hey gorgeous, yeah you! how has your summer been? What sorts of things did you get into?  Are you ready for fall?  no? nah, me neither.  I have really enjoyed the extremely warm temperatures that summer 16' has thrown our way and I honestly don't want it to end just yet.  I have a few fashion makes  to show you before the fall festivities begin, so without further hesitation, let's go!

What do you think of when you hear the word Kimono?  Japan right? yeah me too!  I have always pictured the Japanese to be a very fashion forward bunch of people with a sense of style that is infused with beauty and grace.  One piece of clothing that I believe demonstrates these characteristics is the kimono. 

A kimono is characterized by it's "T" shape, straight side seams and usually a hem that falls to the ankle. Kimonos are famous for long wide sleeves and can even have an attached collar.  Did you know that kimono's are always wrapped around the body with the left side over the right EXCEPT when dressing the dead for burials - yikes! that spooked me out a little.

After trying my kimono on with different outfits I  came to the conclusion that kimonos are essentially a fabulous piece of clothing that can be used to dress up just about any outfit.  In addition to the body con dress seen in my photos, I also paired my kimono with some fitted jeans, some denim cut off shorts and a tank top.  

While this kimono was made from a beautifully printed, light, flowing chiffon, there is nothing stopping me from creating this piece using heavier, solid fabrics this upcoming fall... Think cozy, fleece or wool 🙂 

Well that's it for today my lovelies, as always, I would like to thank my super amazing husband for capturing these images and dealing with my pickiness during the editing process! MUAH! 



Lots of love,




Check out how I created my very own kimono:

With that very simple blueprint of what a kimono is I decided to take matters in my own hands.  I did a little investigation at the mall and checked out how easy kimonos came together.  I decided a large t-shirt folded in half would be my guide. 

Photo_talks_Send (2)1. Fold fashion fabric in half then again with selvage edges together (2 folds)

tempFileForShare_2016-08-30-13-35-542. Find a large t-shirt  Fold t-shirt in half with the fold going down the spine of the t-shirt

20160830_1632333. Place folded t-shirt on top of folded fabric

Photo_talks_Send (1)4. Trace then cut 1-2"  away from outer seam of t-shirt as shown
(tip: You might want to pin your fabric together here especially if you are working with a slippery fabric)

Photo_talks_Send5. From the inside of the fabric sew in a L-shape under the arm and down the side. 

You basically have a t-shaped kimono at this point, there's just one problem... how are you going to get into it?!


Let's keep going...

tempFileForShare_2016-08-30-13-37-47 (1)6.  On only ONE side of the kimono...I said ONE side, neatly cut a straight line up the center of the kimono.  Bam!  In you go. 

tempFileForShare_2016-08-30-13-38-437. On the newly created opened side, measure 3 inches down from the top fold to create your neckline. You can use a bowl, or even the curve of the neckline from the t-shirt.

Photo_talks_Send (3)8. Time to hem!  Hem the arm holes, the front opening inclusive of the neck line and finally the bottom hem.









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