A Sexy Summertime Classic – The Body Con Dress

Hey everyone it's your girl Nikki Dee here reporting back to you with some details on a perfect summer staple, the ever popular, sexy, body con dress. If you've never heard of the term body con, you've most likely just been running around calling them "tight dresses"  which is perfectly fine.  

The term "con" is simply the shortened version of the word conscious.  This dress is very close fitting and is designed to hug the body from neckline to hemline.  So basically the dress is conscious of your body...hence the name, body con.

This past week I took some time to be a little bit more conscious of my own body and started a 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.  I'm not going to get too much into detail about the cleanse because I plan on blogging about it in the near future.  

I figured since I did so well taking care of my body internally I might as well reward myself with a dress that shows it all off.

In my pursuit  to enjoy every single moment of summer 2016, I decided to venture out to one of my favorite pockets of the city  located right in the heart of Toronto, Kensington Market.  Kensington Market has a carefree, positive vibe, it's filled with the scents of flowers, fresh fruit and good food.   There are so many vibrant colours incorporated in various mediums of art all throughout the streets.

For me the best part of the Kensington Market experience is the sound of tribal drumming that often fill the air on Sunday afternoons.

You really never know who you'll run into when you go down there or what you'll see.  

I came across this amazing display called an "Art Bike"  I no doubt had to grab a pair of drumsticks to join in.

I was also attracted to this creative demonstration that was erected right on the front lawn of one of  Kensington Market's residents.

Kensington Market is so colourful I fit right in with my multi-coloured body-con dress.  Both the atmosphere and the dress made me feel so alive and carefree as demonstrated below:

The easiest part about making this dress is that it's made on the negative ease, which simply means it's cut smaller than your actual body and is designed to stretch and hug your body in all the right places.  I created my dress by elongating a shirt pattern I got from one of my favorite online pattern designers Patterns for Pirates.  I added an inch and a half neckband but not before cutting the neckline down  two inches to sexify it up a bit. (yes that's a word, you can use it if you like).

Well  lovely people, that's it for today, I finished my summertime outing by enjoying a yummy piece of watermelon with my hubby and little girl.  

As always thanks to my loving husband for always capturing me in the best possible light and for my little girl Zavi who likes to come along for the fun family outings!

Love and Light,




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  1. Beautiful dress sis…and of course, I’m loving the “first date” shoes! I’m excited about your brand and looking forward to being a client — so I can say: “I’m not only a big-time fan, I’m also a client.”