A Very Special Tulle Skirt – Bridal Edition

Hey lovely people, how are you?  I know its been a  minute since my last blog post but I assure you I have good reason for being M.I.A. I spent the last few weeks taking  time to regain focus and properly align myself to in order to be able to maintain that ZEAL (Zélé) which is the  guiding force in this creative journey of mine.  
Over the last few weeks my hands have been been busy dancing around my sewing machine creating pieces that you will see in the coming weeks.  My greatest accomplishment since last touching base with you is the very special piece I was asked to create for an extremely big milestone a wedding!!!
A few months ago I was approached by one of my dearest, friends/supporters thus far to create something for her to wear on her wedding day.  We immediately started consulting the greatest creative resource online, Pinterest.  As  per usual a secret board was created and the pinning commenced. She decided on a tulle skirt with a fitted white bodysuit to match.  I had already had my eye on the Nettie bodysuit pattern designed by Closet Case Files so I didn't hesitate to hit the "order" button once I got the go ahead on the style of bodysuit.  It was a very straightforward pattern with clear instructions and lots of images to aid in the construction, you really can't go wrong with this pattern choice. 
The tulle skirt came next, I have never created such a garment but I immediately put my "I can make anything' hat on and said YES to the dress (ok, it's not a dress but I felt the urge to say that popular phrase somewhere in this blog post.)
I watched a few Youtube videos to get a sense of how much tulle I would require and decided that 25-30 meters was the norm.  
After a trip to the best place on earth, the fabric store we emerged with 30 meters of white tulle, some cotton for the underlining and a white zipper.  I ordered the white cotton lycra fabric for the bodysuit from an awesome online fabric shop called Purple Seamstress.  The cotton lycra came at a great price, and with exceptionally quick service.   
When it was time to begin the task I took the time to make sure my sewing area was completely dust free.  I knew I had to take extra care to make sure that this beautiful white material stayed impeccable.  I literally panicked every-time I managed to get a pieces of lint on the tulle.
In order to have enough material to achieve a suitable gather,  I started rolling  and cutting lengths of tulle that were 3 times the width of the brides waist measurement.  I had to make a creative decision as to how puffy the dress should be and decided that 6 layers would do the trick.  
I had the most fun gathering all of this magnificent tulle.  In order to gather I put my sewing machine on the longest stitch length and turned the tension all the way up to the highest setting.  This is the technique most commonly used to create the ruffle effect you see at the top of the skirt right under the waistband.  
I must admit it was a bit of wrestling match with the dress when it came time to connect all those layers, in the end I won but the tulle skirt put up a good fight!
As previously mentioned the skirt was created with a cotton lining. I chose cotton because I knew an August wedding could turn out to be a  real scorcher of a day and I wanted to make sure the bride  was going to be as cool as possible under 30 meters of tulle!
A quick straight stitch united the cotton lining with the tulle  skirt and the two pieces became one to live there lives happily together.

Finally the waistband needed to be added.  I must admit I struggled with the waistband which resulted in 2 additional trips to the fabric store.  It was decided that a 2" satin waistband would complete the look.    After the waistband was attached I inserted the zipper as neatly as I could and folded the waistband over sandwiching the tulle neatly inside the two sides of the waistband. (mmmmmh sandwich)

Making a dress that someone was going to wear while making a promise to be conjoined to another human for the REST OF THEIR LIVES is HUGE!  (rest of your life girl) During the process of creating this wedding attire I would occasionally experience waves of panic that would come over me.  I would say Nikki... what are you doing?  how could you say yes to something like this?!  after many conversations with myself the answer was evident... I said yes because I could.  Moral of the story, never doubt your gifts and abilities.   

The day the dress was picked up I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.  The tulle skirt and I had formed a bond and now it was all done and going home.  The next time we saw each other (the skirt and I) was wedding day which was Saturday August 6th, 2016.
I could use no other word to describe the bride than gorgeous!  She was glowing and not because she was covered in white from head to toe but because she looked amazing! The brides hair was expertly styled, makeup carefully applied, nails on point and....wait a minute her outfit was made by ME!  me!  me!  tears of joy started welling up in my eyes because I was so proud of myself.  Of course all the praise coming from the guest that knew of my contribution to the wedding were a super big ego boost. 
I'd like to thank my dear friend Mrs. Pappanduros for believing in me and trusting me with this endeavor, her amazing new husband Nick for  asking her to marry you and of course my own loving, talented husband and our super amazing daughter for photographing this joyous occasion.  
Love and light,

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