Wrap Sweater – Cozy, Stylish & Cute

Recently it was a balmy 10°C in Toronto (that's 50°F for all my friends south of the border) I thought it would be a perfect day to start taking some outside shots.
The days weather was comfortable with only a minimal amount of wind. I could always use a little more sun in my life and for this reason; I decided to help brighten things up a little by creating something with my favorite color. This cozy, comfortable and cute wrap sweater was made with a very vibrant mustard yellow that I just couldn't resist when I went fabric shopping a few weeks ago.
For me the color yellow evokes feelings of happiness and warmth. I'm a strong believer in how color can drastically affect our moods and how they make us feel.
I used a very soft, plush, fleece because let's face it, who doesn't love the idea of wearing a warm, cozy yet stylish blanket outside of the house?
I like BIG buttons and I cannot lie… When I rummaged through my button collection and found these 3 buttons, I knew they were the ones.

The pattern I used to make this wrap sweater was McCalls 7262. I first heard about this pattern through my fashion designer idol Mimi G. Mimi G has influenced and inspired me to get more passionate about my sewing.

Since I’m more of a visual learner I discovered that Mimi G created a video tutorial for this sweater and after watching it a few times I got started on my very own sweater.

I'll admit I'm not the best at following directions. I think it’s the pent up excitement in me that doesn't allow me to slow down long enough to read and understand pattern instructions.

I love how quickly this sweater came together and the fabulous, fashionable look the cowl neck exudes... See!?!
One of the great things about sewing for yourself is the ability to make modifications to your garments. The original design of this pattern is a loose fit but, I wanted to be able to add a little more definition to the shape of the sweater so, I added some wide width elastic in order to gather the waistline at the back. You'll also that I re-positioned the buttons so the sweater completely overlaps in the front.

Well that's it for today, I hope my cozy, cute and comfortable mustard yellow wrap sweater was for some of you that little ray of sunshine you so desperately needed during what I hope was the tail end of winter 2016.

My photos today are brought to you courtesy of my lovely husband Darreyl aka Gigz.

Comment below and share with me your favorite color and how they affect your mood when you wear them:

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  1. Hi Nicoe!!!
    I absolutely love that sweater and like how you made the design your own!! Very creative!!